Located in the ‘boonies’ north of Biggar, Saskatchewan, we grow specialty cut flowers at Boondock Flower Farm.

We are a small scale, seasonal flower farm and we grow our flowers both in the field, and under a limited growing area  in a hoophouse (unheated greenhouse).

Our flowers are both annuals,  perennials, and shrubs that we grow from seed, corms, tubers, roots and bulbs.  Our short, Zone 3 growing season in Saskatchewan runs from May to September. 

In May we will have over 8000 tulips blooming, as well as several hundred daffodils and alliums.  

In June, after the spring bulbs are done, we have invested heavily in ranunculus and anemones leading us into July, when the other summer annuals begin to bloom.

Our garden will be at it’s peak in August and early September- sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, grasses and so many other flowers you need to see to believe.  

Monthly Bouquet Subscription

One of the best ways to bring our flowers into your home is with our Monthly Bouquet Subscription where you receive 5 bouquets- one each month from May to September.

We offer this subscription to Biggar, Landis, Unity, Wilkie, Battleford and Perdue.

A subscription is a wonderful treat for yourself, and makes a great gift too!  

Farmer’s Markets

From late June to mid September, our flowers and, Peggy- our 1953 Chevy grain truck turned flower market booth can be found most Tuesday afternoons in Biggar at our local farmer’s market.  The market hours are 3:00PM till 6:00PM.

U-Pick Flowers at the Farm

When the gardens hit their stride in early August, we would love to share them with you!  Previous guests to the farm have been overwhelmed and in awe at the huge variety of flowers that we grow and have absolutely loved the experience of visiting our scenic little farm tucked away in the boonies.

We accept visitors by appointment only, and are closed to public execpt for posted events and upicks times during the summer.

The Little Market Box in Saskatoon

We also sell our bouquets and flower bundles throughout the season at The Little Market Box;  they are located at 808 16th W in Saskatoon, SK.  The LMB offers an in-store and online farmer’s market shopping experierence; hosting a large number of local farmers, food vendors and artisans and crafters. 

For our 2022 season,  we plan to have more regularly scheduled, weekly deliveries to them.  

Dried Flower Bouquets and More

The flowers don’t stop when the frost comes in the fall because we have a large inventory dried flowers that we harvest throughout the season.

The flowers in our dried bouquets are all grown from seed right here on our farm.  Flowers and foliages are harvested at their peak harvest time and hung to dry for several weeks in our dark basement.  We do not use any chemicals, bleaches, paints, dyes or preservatives in our process.  The flowers that we grow as dried cuts are selected for their ability to hold their vibrant colours and form, and their interesting textural elements. 

Our bouquets are colourful and unique- we can create whatever colour palette you desire.   View some of our work on Instagram to get an idea of what is possible with natural, dried flowers.


A new offering from Boondock Flower Farm is wedding florals.  We will be taking on only a few weddings each season, and we want to work with couples who understand and love locally grown flowers.  

If you are interested and would like more information, please use our ‘Wedding Inquiry Form’ via this Google form below.

Boondock Wedding Floral Inquiry

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Slow Flowers Movement


There is a movement happening across North America right now, where consumers are searching for and embracing locally grown, seasonal flowers. 

And in response, there are an increasing number of small farmers committed to producing high quality, local blooms. 

We are proud to be apart of this vibrant and beautiful community.

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