2024 Peony Roots

*Pre-Order Opens February 18, 2024*

Our curated collection of peony roots will be available to pre-order on Sunday, February 18th.  Each year we select new varieites for a great selection across colours, bloom periods, and bloom type.  We choose our varieties for both the collectors and home gardeners- across various price points.

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Our offering of premium quality, large peony roots comes from one of Europe’s premier producers of peony cuts and roots, Groot & Groot in Holland.

These roots are for fall planting; Groot & Groot has agreed to ship to Canada at the earliest possible shipping date (approximately Week 40).

We want you to be fully aware: due to upheaval in the world supply chain the past few years, we have experienced some delayed shipments, and there could possibly be later planting for our customers.  When our order arrives, we will be shipping out your order ASAP; within a 1 or 2 day turn around (with highest priority to Prairie & Northern customers)

You can prepare your planting site in advance if a delayed shipment is expected, and successfully overwinter your late planted peony roots.  We will provide you with further information on how to do this if needed.  We will provide updates to you in the event of any shipping delays.

All roots are Size 3/5 (# of eyes); some varieties this year are 5/8 eyes.  Most peony roots on the Canadian wholesale market are Size 2/3 and fit up to 100 in a crate. Groot & Groot’s 3/5 peonies are huge and, packed 30-35 to a crate. In the case of peony roots, bigger is most definitely better. 3/5 plants establish and reach full production much faster than 2/3. Fall-planted roots also establish and reach full production about one year faster than spring-planted ones.

However, availability of fall peony stock is always extremely limited in Canada, so we’re very eager to offer a specialty selection for fall planting.  Any peonies you may find at big box stores cannot compare to these roots.

If you have a wish list of varieties that we should consider next year, please email us at bailey@boondockflowerfarm.com.

If there is a crop failure or supply shortage from Groot & Groot and your product is unavailable you will be fully refunded.

Canadian shipping only via Canada Post Expedited Parcel.  Shipping will be $25 across Canada.  $10 Delivery within Saskatoon.  Free local pickup in Biggar, SK available.

Payment Options

We accept payment by e-transfer to our email address: bailey@boondockflowerfarm.com.   Please remit your payment promptly after submitting your order.

For more information on peonies and to further enable your peony addiction, please visit the following resources:

Canadian Peony Society, https://peony.ca/

Prairie Peony Society, Facebook group based in Saskatchewan, https://www.facebook.com/prairiepeonysociety https://www.facebook.com/myra.froc/  (their previous Facebook group was hacked, and they have started a new one under Myra’s name)

Prairie Peonies, Nick Maycher of Edmonton, AB, https://www.prairiepeonies.com/,

YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFCR-xDrlhkenOhWN_Qv1Ww, Instagram Account @Prairie Peonies

The American Peony Society, https://americanpeonysociety.org/

Groot & Groot Peonies, https://www.grootgroot.com/peony-roots/

Thank you to Groot & Groot for the use of their photos.  $