Hello there…

My name is Bailey Dueker, and I am the proud owner of Boondock Flower Farm; a small scale, cut flower farm.

Our farm is located in the Lizard Lake District, north of Biggar, Saskatchewan, out in the ‘boonies’; hence the inspiration for our farm name.

I’ve always had a green thumb and a passion for flowers, and my partner, Shane, has always wanted to be a farmer.

When I became aware of the movement for local, seasonal flowers, l knew I had found the answer I had been searching for as a way to stay at home and earn an income from our land.  With a maternity leave ending soon, I had the incentive I needed to get growing.

I don’t think Shane thought he would end up as ‘flower’ farmer though. 😉

I’m excited to share the beauty of our seasonal and local flowers with you! 

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