Meet Your Farmer/Florist

Hello there…

My name is Bailey Dueker, and I am the proud owner of Boondock Flower Farm; a small scale, Saskatchewan cut flower farm.

I grew up on a farm outside of Biggar, Saskatchewan, only a few miles from where we live now.

I’ve always had a green thumb and a love of flowers, and my partner, Shane, has always wanted to be a farmer. 

When I became aware that flower farming was actually ‘a thing’, I knew I had found my passion- but I don’t think Shane thought he would end up as ‘flower’ farmer though.

In the fall of 2019, with a maternity leave ending soon, I jumped right in and got my hands dirty.  I planted tulips and daffodils, and ordered what I thought at the time was a lot of flower seeds!

2020 was my first season and it was everything I hoped it could be.  There were some very long days, and a lot of hard work and much to learn, but being able to share the beauty of my flowers was very rewarding.

2021 was a challenging growing season with the extremely dry, hot weather but we were able to double our production area from 2020 and harvest a large inventory of dried flowers and foliage for the ‘off season’. 

Being a flower farmer, florist, mother and small business owner I wear many hats.  I really enjoy the horticultural side of things, starting flowers from seed and tending them all  through the season.  I’ve never taken any advanced schooling, and have learned what I’ve needed to know about growing along the way.

My creativity is free to design and experiment with all the beautiful flowers that we grow.  I love the process of building unique bouquets every week for the farmer’s market and our bouquet subscribers.  Exploring colour, texture and form is exciting to me and I want to keep learning and practicing more advanced floristry techniques for bouquets, arrangements and installations.

One of my greatest motivations for starting this farm was my daughter and being able to stay at home with her.  She is growing up amongst the flowers, and is so eager to help out with all the different  things we do in a day. 

I love all things old, vintage and rich in Saskatchewan history.  So when I found a 1953 Chevy grain truck at an old farm near Ruthilda, SK in the fall of 2020, I knew I couldn’t leave this hidden gem behind.  

It hadn’t ran for many years, but the body and condition was incredible.   With lots of tinkering and tuning up, Shane has gotten her running smoothly.  

‘Peggy’, as she is now called, became my farmer’s market booth, and we made many trips to town for the weekly farmer’s market and even the long trip to Saskatoon for a special market in the fall.

Look for her on the #4 Tuesday afternoons during the summer- and don’t be shy about honking to say hi! 


I hope you follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram as we share our flowers through the changing seasons on the farm.  I try to send out a newsletter every month or so, be sure to sign up for that too.


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