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Special Germination Requirements

Every flower has a different, ideal environment required for them to germinate from seed. 

From our January 2022 Newsletter

Seeds to Start Early in the Season

I estimate my last frost date at June 1 (there is a super full moon on May 26), and counting back the weeks puts me at 18 weeks before the last frost as of January 22. 

From our January 2022 Newsletter

Some of My Favourite Seed Starting Items

Six different items that make my seeding starting more successful and streamlined.

From our January 2022 Newsletter

Hardening Off Your Seedlings

Unfortunately the hardening off process is necessary...

From our May 2021 Newsletter

Seed Starting Potting Mediums Explained

Never use a potting mix that contains garden soil.

From our April 2021 Newsletter

Direct Sow These Flowers

If the ground in your garden is workable, now is a great time to direct sow some cold loving flowers.

From our April  2021 Newsletter

Flower & Vegetable Seed Companies

Sourcing your seeds: there are way more options out there than just Peavey Mart and the grocery store; and I've put together a list for you.

From our March 2021 Newsletter