Four Seasons of Saskatchewan Grown Flowers

And they are more beautiful than you realized...

The flowers don’t stop when the frost comes in the fall because we have a large inventory dried flowers that we harvest throughout the season.

The flowers in our dried bouquets are all grown from seed right here on our farm.  Flowers and foliages are harvested at their peak harvest time and hung to dry for several weeks in our dark basement.  We do not use any chemicals, bleaches, paints, dyes or preservatives in our process.  The flowers that we grow as dried cuts are selected for their ability to hold their vibrant colours, form and interesting textural elements.

If you are interested in learning more about our dried flowers, we have created a catalogue to help bring awareness of the diversity and beauty available with dried flowers.

You can view it here:  Boondock Flower Farm Dried Flower Catalogue

Our bouquets are colourful and unique- we can create whatever colour palette you desire.   Your bouquet will last at a year or more if you follow some simple care instructions.

You can find our dried flower bouquets at seasonal markets in Saskatoon, or contact us to custom order your own bouquet or wreath.

 View some of our work on our Instagram highlights to get an idea of what is possible with natural, dried flowers.