Custom Vase Arrangements

Peachy Perfection

This arrangement was one of my favorites of the year, from late August when the garden was full of bounty. It contains: Benary’s Giant Zinnias, Zinderella Zinnias, Double Click White Cosmos, Strawflowers, Persian cress, gladiolus, Apricot Statice, Madame Butterfly Bronze Snapdragon, Jade Sunflowers, Dara- Chocolate Lace Flower, Lemon Balm, and Bells of Ireland.

Rich Autumn Bounty

A quintessential homage to fall and harvest. This arrangement featured: Sunflowers, Blue Utrecht Wheat, Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia, Benary’s Giant Zinnias, and Zinderella Zinnias, Strawflowers, Nigella seed pods, Gladiolus, Dara- Chocolate Lace Flower, Globe Amaranth, Statice, and Craspedia.