Peony Root Pre-Order

We are taking pre-orders for premium quality, large peony roots from one of Europe’s premier producers of peony cuts and roots, Groot & Groot in Holland.  In partnership with Unicorn Blooms who is importing these roots wholesale for Canadian flower farmers, we are selling these roots at a retail level to home gardeners and collectors.

These roots are for fall planting; Groot & Groot has agreed to ship to Canada at the earliest possible shipping date (Week 40).  When they arrive in Canada we will be shipping them out to Northern and Prairie growers ASAP.

All roots are Size 3/5 (# of eyes) . Most peony roots on the Canadian wholesale market are Size 2/3 and fit up to 100 in a crate. Groot & Groot’s 3/5 peonies are huge and, packed 30-35 to a crate. In the case of peony roots, bigger is most definitely better. 3/5 plants establish and reach full production much faster than 2/3. Fall-planted roots also establish and reach full production about one year faster than spring-planted ones.

However, availability of fall peony stock is always extremely limited in Canada, so we’re very happy to be able to offer a specialist cut selection for fall planting.

We’re not offering a huge selection of varieties to choose from this year as we are ‘testing the waters’, so to speak.  There is a large amount of risk, ordering extra roots to resell, but if we find there is a strong demand and the pre-sale goes well we will make plans to expand our offerings next year.

If you have a wish list of varieties that we should consider next year, please email us at  We can work with Louise at Unicorn Blooms to curate next year’s offering.

And…best of all, we’ll be giving away one Pastelegance peony root from this sale.  For every peony root ordered, you will be entered to win this amazing peony.  Described by Nick Maycher of Prairie Peonies, as ‘a soul-stirring masterpiece and possibly the finest peony in circulation today’; Pastelegance retails at $250.

Canadian shipping only.

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