Butterfly Ranunculus- Graces


1 plant, 5′ pot.

Ranunculus Butterfly™ is a cut flower that comes from the Japanese breeder AYA ENGEI Co., Ltd. It is an unique variety because of its single formed flowers and because the stems can carry twelve to fifteen flowers each.

Grown in the same manner as regular ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus have a unique look that is different from the ranunculus you might be used to.  It has a more branching/spray growth habit, and the petals are single/semi double with a pretty, pearl coated sheen to them- some may describe it as a ‘waxy layer of petals’.

A premium, specialty cut flower.

Plant spacing: 12″

Height: 18-20”

Exposure: Full sun

A  ‘Ranunculus Grow Guide’ will be included in your order.

These corms are protected by breeder rights and cannot be saved at the end of the season.


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