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One of the most deliciously fragrant peonies available!  Very large, perfectly formed double blooms in soft pink on strong stems.  *  5/8 eyes  *

Groot & Groot Description – Gardenia

Colour:   Blush Pink

Bloom Type: Double

Bud Size: AAA

Height:  32″

Bloom Period:  Mid Season

Peony Type: Lactiflora

Introduction: Lins, 1949

1 bare root, all roots are Size 5/8 (# of eyes). Most peony roots on the Canadian wholesale market are Size 2/3 and fit up to 100 in a crate. Groot & Groot’s 3/5 peonies are huge and, packed 30-35 to a crate. In the case of peony roots, bigger is most definitely better. 3/5 plants establish and reach full production much faster than 2/3.

Peonies prefer full/part sun, and well drained locations; further growing and planting instructions will be provided with your order.  Peony roots need to be planted in the fall before the ground freezes.  Fall-planted roots establish and reach full production about one year faster than spring-planted ones.

Peonies are hardy to Zone 3 and they can live for several decades.

If this variety is sold out, please email me and I can contact my wholesaler to add more roots to my order for you.

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Fall shipping– within Canada only.

These roots are not grown in Canada; they are imported from the Netherlands, grown by one of Europe’s premier producers of peony roots & cuts, Groot & Groot.

When our order arrives, we will be shipping out your order ASAP; within a 1 or 2 day turn around (with highest priority to Prairie & Northern customers)  Order fulfillment is subject to harvest in the Netherlands- we will contact you and issue refunds on any items that are unavailable.  However, please be aware that due to upheaval in the world supply chain the past few years, we have experienced some delayed shipments, and therefore there could possibly be later planting for our customers.

You can prepare your planting site in advance if a delayed shipment is expected, and successfully overwinter your late planted peony roots.  We will provide you with further information on how to do this if needed.

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Types of Peonies:

From Adelman’s Peonies at

Herbaceous peonies (also known as bush peonies) die to the ground in Winter.  They re-emerge in March, or when the snow melts. Many find that they are deer resistant, but not always. Peonies are long lived, minimal care plants.  Usually blooming June to early July.

  •       Lactiflora is the most common species parent found in nurseries.  It is native to China.  Most lactiflora cultivars produce sidebuds.
  •       Hybrids are crosses between two or more species.  They bring additional colors, foliage types, and earlier bloom season.  Most hybrids produce only one bloom per stem.

Itoh or Intersectional peonies are a cross between the herbaceous (or bush) peony and the tree peony.  These crosses have produced new, exciting colors.  The plants have the lovely leaf form of the tree peonies, but die to the ground in the Winter. The plants are strong and healthy with a nice rounded bush form, generally shorter than most bush peonies.  Since they are recent introductions and are still in short supply they command a high price.

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Thank you to Groot & Groot for the use of their photo.