Late Summer, Bi-Weekly Bouquet Subscription – Unity/Wilkie


With a Late Summer, Bi-Weekly Bouquet Subscription from Boondock Flower Farm, you will receive a beautiful bouquet of fresh, locally grown flowers every two weeks, beginning in August. 

Why a Bouquet Subscription?

  • You’ll receive 4 beautiful bouquets, without the hassle of having to re-order each time.
  • We grow unique varieties of flowers, and your flowers will actually smell like flowers!
  • Every flower has a season, and the flowers in your bouquet will change each month.

  • Flower therapy; our flowers are a great way to treat yourself.
  • Share the beauty of fresh flowers with your employees and customers in your business.
  • A bouquet subscription makes a lovely gift for that special person in your life, (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Anniversaries).

  • You know exactly where your flowers are coming from and the practices that go into growing them (we grow our flowers without the use of pesticides).
  • You’re making an environmentally friendly choice.
  • You’ll receive a regular email update about what’s going on at the farm, delivery details, and what flowers you can expect in your bouquet.
  • You’re supporting your local flower farmer.

August is peak season for our flowers here on the farm.  Most crops that begin blooming at this time are annual flowers that we started from seed in the winter and late spring, and we have been patiently tending to them all season long.  

As we launch our first year of bouquet subscriptions, we are only offering a limited number of bi-weekly bouquet subscriptions for the 2021 growing season.  Before checking out, please read the details of our bouquet subscription program below, and complete the following form.  You can only add 1 subscription to your cart at a time as a separate form needs to be completed for each subscription. 

Payment by e-transfer only.

Unity/Wilkie Bouquet Subscription Sign Up Form
(Required for delivery only. If a gift, provide address of recipient)
By selecting above, you agree that you have read all the details listed below about our bouquet subscription program. You understand that by purchasing a 'Bouquet Subscription' from Boondock Flower Farm that bouquets may vary; the farmers will do their best to deliver quality products, but weather and other factors may result in substitutions or varying stem numbers.

Please complete the form above before adding this item to your cart- thank you.


The Bouquets

  • The bouquets will be wrapped in a kraft paper sleeve; vases will not be provided for these bouquets.
  • Our bouquets will reflect what is growing seasonally and locally on our farm. Seasons change, and so do the flowers in your bouquet.   We cannot guarantee that there will be specific flowers in your bouquets, and we cannot take requests for certain flowers, but have no doubt your bouquet will be fresh, beautiful, and bountiful.
  • Bouquet subscribers receive the best flowers from our farm, and also the first available flowers from the farm before any are offered to the public.  If there is a limited supply of flowers at any point in the season, subscription holders receive first priority.


  • Each bouquet is $29 + tax (a small delivery fee of $2 has been included in this pricing)
  • The Bi-Weekly Subscription is $128.76 total for 4 bouquets, ($116 + $12.76 tax)

Bouquet Delivery

  • We can deliver to your home or business, but we are also exploring the option of adding a pickup location at a local business in Unity.  If and when this becomes available, we will notify you, and you can choose this option for your bouquet deliveries.
  • Your first bouquet will also include a complimentary flower bucket to leave out in case you are not available to receive your flowers.  Please ensure the pail is set outside and filled with water; we will place the flowers in a sheltered, yet visible location.
  • Your flower subscription will be delivered on a Monday, and I will send an email confirmation ahead of the first delivery to inform you when your subscription will begin, with continued correspondence throughout the season on delivery dates.
  • The start time of the subscription delivery could be delayed slightly if the flowers are not quite ready.
  • If you are away on holidays for a delivery date, we may be able to delay your delivery until a later date, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do this.  You may instead choose to gift your bouquet to a friend and have them pick up your bouquet from your house or the pick up location.

The Fine Print

  • Once you sign up, we are unable to cancel or refund your subscription, but you are able to gift or transfer your subscription to someone else so they may receive the bouquets instead.
  • If there is a crop failure, and I am unable to provide you with a bouquet, I will refund you the full amount of the undelivered product(s).
  • If/when there is a pick up location in Unity, there will be no replacements for forgotten bouquets there; flowers that aren’t picked up will be donated.

What Purchasing a Bouquet Subscription Means to Our Flower Farm

  • With your purchase of bouquet subscription, we are able to better plan our crops and schedules for the upcoming season.  
  • It gives us a much needed financial boost at a time where we have many bills due (fall bulb orders, seeds for the year, infrastructure)
  • Thank you so much for your support!

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