Lisianthus – Celeb 1 Beige Neo


Sold in a pack of 6 plants.

Common Name: Lisianthus,  Eustoma grandiflorum.  A superb, specialty cut flower with long vase life.  For best results, plant under cover to protect large blooms from rain catchment; plants also grow 3-4′ tall, and are loaded with many heavy blooms- staking/corralling recommended.

Short lived perennial in zones 8-10, best treated as an annual.  They are very difficult to start from seed and very plants are very slow growing, taking 8-9 months from sowing to reach flowering stage.  Lisianthus blooms mid to late summer.

Plants need an early period of cool soil, plant them 2-4 weeks before last frost; cold hardy to -5C once hardened off and transplanted.  Lisianthus are very heat tolerant and drought tolerant once established.

Plant in an area of full sun.  A ‘Lisianthus Grow Guide’ will be included with your order.


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