Italian Ranunculus – Cloni Lady


1 plant, 3.5″ pot.

Biancheri Productions in Italy has developed two series of specialty ranunculus for cut flower growers. The Elegance series is a seed strain bred for incredible colours, yield, stem length, vase life and flower size.

The best individual flowers from the Elegance series were hand selected and tissue cultured to make up the Cloni series.  Quite literally, these are the best of the best and you will not find these specialty ranunculus at the garden center!  These flowers are specifically bred for the cut flower trade.  Cloni are the most premium and sought after ranunculus on the market and difficult to source in Canada.

They love to bloom in the strongest light and to open in the early hours of the evening. It is suggested to wait for this to happen at least two times running so as to increase the quality and the size of the flowers. It is advised to cut the flowers early in the morning.

Excellent vase life. 

Height: 16 – 18”

Exposure: Full sun

A ‘Ranunculus Grow Guide’ will be included with your order.

These corms are protected by breeder rights and cannot be saved at the end of the season.


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