Italian Ranunculus – Salmon Shades


Pack of 6 plants.   Elegance Series- featuring a mix of Salmone varieties.

Biancheri Productions in Italy has developed this series of specialty ranunculus for cut flower growers. The Elegance series is a seed strain bred for incredible colours, yield, stem length, vase life and flower size.  This is a much improved alternative to the common ranunculus asiaticus or Persian buttercup. Until recently, the only flowers grown in the USA were the seed propagated varieties characterized with small flowers and different shades in each bunch. Sometimes you can find bulbs or even seed offered very cheap on internet or at department/box stores. The new Elegance Ranunculus however are genetically improved and have a much higher productivity. These have a longer stem height, an increased homogeneity and have larger flowers with a lot more petals than the older varieties. Also, because of the strong genetics these thrive better in warmer climates.

They love to bloom in the strongest light and to open in the early hours of the evening. It is suggested to wait for this to happen at least two times running so as to increase the quality and the size of the flowers. It is advised to cut the flowers early in the morning.

Excellent vase life. 

Height: 16 – 18”

Exposure: Full sun

A ‘Ranunculus Grow Guide’ will be included with your order.


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